PiColorLock採用超高靈敏度Malachite green磷酸根呈色方法,克服傳統呈色方法,低靈敏度限制。測量目標樣本中,是否含有ATPasesphosphatasesGTPasesnucleotidases酵素活性。


inorganic phosphate detection


Innova Biosciences PiColorLock 針對實驗初篩所設計,可探討酵素活性是否扮演transportsignal transduction, protein biosynthesiscell differentiation之角色。應用於ATPaseGTPaseProteinases活性分析。提供high-throughput screen 大量ATPaseGTPase inhibitor。可建立快速藥物篩選系統。


inorganic phosphate detection


  1. PiColorLock分析套組,包括stabilizing solution,可避開acid labile substrate所造成的高背景值,其背景值很低(1mM )
  2. 其分析波段為600~660nm,避開一般colored compounds之干擾。
  3. Pi-dye複合物極為穩定,其訊號強度可維持數小時之久。
  4. Superior呈色系統。採用Malachite Green磷酸根呈色方式,呈色靈敏度比傳統呈色方法高,克服低靈敏度的限制。
  5. 適用於大部份的assay buffer
  6. 蛋白質濃度高時,不會抑制顏色的形成。


Pi Colorlock (ALS)(靈敏度20~200uM)

PiColorLock產品,有分為Gold (靈敏度4~40uM)ALS(靈敏度20~200uM)

訂購貨號# 302-0125, 625/1560 assays (靈敏度20~200uM)

訂購貨號# 302-0500, 2500/6250 assays (靈敏度20~200uM)

PiColorLock is a phosphate detection reagent for measuring Phosphatases, ATPases and Nucleotidases.


Pi Colorlock (Gold)(靈敏度4~40uM)

訂購貨號# 303-0125, 625/1560 assays (靈敏度4~40uM)

訂購貨號# 303-0500, 2500/6250 assays (靈敏度4~40uM)

PiColorLock is a phosphate detection reagent for measuring Phosphatases, ATPases and Nucleotidases.


Colorimetric assays for ATPases are invariably based on the formation of colored complexes between an inorganic phosphate and a dye molecule under acidic conditions. Such assays are beset with problems of reagent precipitation and high backgrounds caused by impure substrates (i.e. contaminated with inorganic phosphate) and/or by non-enzymatic (acid) hydrolysis of the substrate.

At the heart of our assay kits is PiColorLock Gold, a superior phosphate detection reagent which ensures high stability of the colored dye-phosphate complexes. Together with specially purified substrates and proprietary stabilizers our kits offer the lowest possible assay backgrounds and outstanding assay performance.

Uniquely, Innova Biosciences ATPase assay kits contain highly purified ATP, which have had any free inorganic phosphate removed – this means the assays have the lowest possible background signal.

PiColorLock reagent may also be purchased separately for developing simple assays for any phosphate-generating enzyme. It is offered in both high (Gold) and standard sensitivity (ALS) formulations to suit almost any assay situation.



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5g (501-0015)

Inorganic phosphate (Pi) is a product of many enzymatic reactions, for example, those catalysed by phosphatases and ATPases. Measurement of released Pi allows enzyme activity to be determined, but contamination of enzymes or buffers by Pi can lead to unacceptably high assay backgrounds.

PiBind™ resin provides a quick and easy way to remove contaminating Pi from buffers. The resin works over a broad range of pH values and is unaffected by many commonly used buffer additives. PiBind™ resin can also be used to remove Pi from protein samples (e.g. tissue extracts). This method is quicker than dialysis and unlike desalting does not necessarily lead to a significant dilution of the sample.


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